Become Whole by Brett Bird

Do you believe that standing up for yourself makes you a bad person? Do you think that commanding respect is the same thing as being a jerk, or that putting yourself first makes you a selfish person? In “Become Whole”, Brett Bird shatters common beliefs that hold you back from realizing your fullest capabilities while showing you how to become the best version of yourself. Rather than an either-or dilemma, being nice and being a jerk operate on two sides of a continuum, with “whole” residing in the middle. It is in this middle that you will discover your peak performance levels and true potential!

The advice and insight within “Become Whole” will improve the ways that you show up in your life and will make you a better spouse, lover, professional, friend, and human being. With an engaging, witty & easy-to-read writing style that pulls no punches, you will chuckle as you become inspired! The book begins by clearly defining what is “nice”, and a “jerk”, before explaining what it means to be whole, so you can easily grasp the issues.

Become Whole also covers these essential skills:

  • Engage in Healthy habits that you can start TODAY
  • Avoid destructive habits that hold you back
  • Stop avoiding conflict, and start handing in ways that benefit everyone
  • Handle objections from friends and loved ones as you improve yourself with grace and ease
  • Embrace and accept your authentic self
  • Handle criticism, and determine whether it is feedback, or detrimental
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Ask for what you want
    and MUCH MORE!

If you would like to start steering the wheel of your life and discover a fresh perspective on your personal growth, then the opportunity to Become Whole is, without question, one that you should take!

  • Author: Brett Bird
  • Genre: Self-Help
  • Originally published: 2020
Best Quotes From "Become Whole"
  • “Internal wounds and voids are treated internally. If you have an external ailment, you see a doctor to treat it. In like manner, treating unhappiness rests within and doing the work to become whole can go a long way towards that.”
  • “Personal growth is a journey, and never a destination. Never forget that! You either grow or you stagnate.”
  • “We all have ways we can improve. Whole people know who they are and what they need to work on within themselves.”
  • “The setbacks you face are either unbreakable obstacles in your path, or catalysts for major growth. You decide which one they are.”
  • “Love the path you walk and celebrate your accomplishments and progress. Progress is where the growth is at, but it never ever comes as fast as we’d like it to. So, relax, be patient. Trust that what you craft will come into the picture. Take it day by day and be open to adjusting as needed.”
About The Author:
Brett Bird

Brett Bird is an author who specializes in personal development. An accountant by trade, he looked around and saw a large problem that conventional advice wasn’t solving. As someone with a second nature of digging into details, he made observations and discovered that the traditional frameworks and token advice for increasing self-confidence wasn’t producing lasting results. Through his own personal growth conquering his demons over the years and the observations he’s made with people, he developed the concepts presented in this book.

In his spare time, he’s a student of personal development, spends time with his cat Athena, plays low-stakes poker, and takes long walks in nature. He is also developing upcoming books. As he believes that valuable self-development insights should always be shared, he updates his blog at least twice a week on various topics related to personal growth.

His website and blog can be found at He also provides exclusive content via his e-mail newsletter.

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